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Stanley\'s Market Kielbasa - Basic Cooking Instructions

Category: Cooking Instructions
Posted - December 16th, 2013
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Kielbasa – Fresh or Smoked

There are many ways to cook our Kielbasa and each method is appropriate for a given set of end characteristics. The following method is our recommendation that is a quick and easy way but still provides optimal flavor and texture characteristics.

Be sure to bring the internal temperature of both our fresh and smoked products up to 165 degrees F. This is most easily done by bringing enough liquid* to cover the kielbasa to a boil. (* adding spices, onions and/or beer to water is an opptional way to add flavor!) Once the liquid reaches a boil add the kielbasa. Once the liquid returns to a boil, reduce heat and simmer this for 30-40min or at least until you reach 165 degrees internal temperature continue cooking for desired tenderness. After 50 min cooking time “boil-out” flavor loss begins to outpace any further gains in tenderness.

We only use traditional natural casings unlike many mass marketed sausages that are skinless or use a processed collagen casing. To achieve that great natural casing \"snap\" finish off on the grill or bake at 325 until skin begins to brown.

To compliment your kielbasa try serving with our fresh baked rye bread, homemade kapusta (sweet & sour cabbage), Stanley’s Market chrzan (horseradish), and a variety of our homemade pierogi (pan-fried filled dumplings) including: dry sweet cheese, redskin garlic mashed w/ buckwheat & cheese, as well as sour kraut w/ sautéed mushroom & onion.

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